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Pre-festival screening: Kariovouni

Sunday, 13 August 2023

Καρυοβούνι, Μεσσηνία

In the context of the pre-festival events of the Kardamili Art Doc Festival, the award-winning documentaries of the 1st Kalamata International Short Documentary Festival are presented:


    Director VICKY MARKOLEFA - country Greece

    The film INDIGENIUS LOCI explores the interface between man and nature. Vassilis Fourkiotis, a deep ecologist, shepherd and sociologist, walks in his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world. Psychogeography, Documentary.

  • Walls of life

    Director Zoran Djordjevic - country Brazil

    This is a film about the limitless human will. The documentary is a cinematic portrait of the artist Marcos Santos, who was born with cerebral palsy. He has partially impaired speech and without the movement of arms and hands, he paints with his left foot and teaches the children of a peripheral and stigmatized neighborhood of a typical Brazi...

  • Smile of the mask

    Director Abbas Ghazali - country Iran

    This film is about a woman who has been the victim of an acid attack and her face is not normal. For this reason it is difficult for her to circulate in public. Due to Covid, she uses a mask with a smile photo, but now it's the mask she's smiling not her.    

  • In the highlands of Peru, he lives with his dog, Honorata Vilca, an illiterate woman of Quechua descent, dedicated to selling sweets. As the rainy season begins, she recounts parts of her life, until one afternoon something fateful happens that seems to be able to make even the skies cry.

  • The documentary "Seven Zagros Symphonies" narrates the philosophy of seven Maqam musicians, the oldest wind instrument (Samsal) in the lives of the inhabitants of Zagros. The Seven Maqams tell the story using the monologue of an old man who spent 65 years of his life, playing the Shamshal (a Kurdish wind instrument). The story of the film is ...