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Friday, 22 September 2023 - Monday, 25 September 2023

Καρδαμύλη Μεσσηνίας

The 1st International Kardamili Art Doc Festival is coming September 22-25, at the old school of Kardamili. The Municipality of Western Mani organizes the festival in collaboration with the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata. Residents of Western Mani and guests will enjoy award-winning documentary films about music and art. At the same time, there will be educational screenings in the city's schools. The program will be accompanied by Filmmaking and Photography seminars from award-winning professionals and Pottery, Doll Making, Storytelling and Musical Interactive Events workshops for children and young people. At the same time, there will be a poster exhibition throughout the festival with works by contestants to select the festival poster.

  • Exhibition of posters from the entries in the outdoor festival poster competition


    Director Marcia Mansur - country Brazil

    With a small film crew, Wim Wenders accompanies his old friend,guitarist and composer Ry Cooder, who had written the music for his film “Paris-Texas”, on a trip toHavana.

  • Opening ceremony

  • With a s mall film crew, Wim Wenders accompanies his old friend,guitarist and composer Ry Cooder, who had written the music for his film “Paris-Texas”, on a trip to Havana.

  • Let’s dance! D.J from the team Chin – Chin.With the popular beer NEMA and delicacies from Western Mani.Offer of the KARDAMΙLIS PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION

  • Coordinator: Leta PetroulakiVenue: Old School The workshop consists of the following parts. A. Presentation of a collection of theatrical dolls of various construction and animation techniques.Reference is made to the materials and the way they are animated. Clarifying information and animation mode. Duration 30-45 minutes. B. Marota puppet theater manufacturing workshop.All materials shown are: styrofoam heads underlined with fabric. Ready-made hair, fabric for dresses, ready-made hands, hats for the head or other decorations. Ready-made doll bodice, facial features. Clarifications are given on how to prepare them. The participants, guided by the instructor, choose fabrics and other materials and begin to assemble their doll which consists of the head, the central support of the body, the corsage, the dress, the hands, the hair and the decorations. They choose colors and decorate by painting the face. and information is given on how to animate. Duration: 90 minutes C. Animating a doll.When the dolls are ready, each creator gives a name and a role to their doll and the workshop is completed by animating each doll into a short story individually or in collaboration with 2 or more people Duration: 60 minutes

  • Stories with clay, paint and prints!!!For children 4 to 12 years oldCoordinator: Mariliana DiamantakiVenue: Old School Stories with clay, paint and prints!!!For children 4 to 12 years old "...A creative child is a happy child..."Bruno Munari (Italian artist, visual artist) These stories are a little different…They are made collectively in yards, forests, and squares!The Together and out workshops aim to work with a group of children on the concepts of teamwork, cooperation, imagination,creativity, and art.We meet to play together and discover the properties of clay. Is it wet? Is it solid?Is it wrong? Does it cut? Sticks; But what does this clay finally do?And what can we do with natural clay, treasures from a yard, paints and paper??? Can we make stamps you say?? And we can then print our own unique works of art!!!!Let's get to know new materials like clay or get to know others like paper and make unique stamps together and try to make unique works of art by printing!!!  

  • The story of a photographer who marked an era. Always ahead of his time, although today elderly and sick, he is still lucid in his memories and continuously active.


    Director Nikos Skarentzos - country Greece

    A documentary about Markos Vamvakaris, the great Greek musician of rebetiko. A group of musicians travel to Syros to participate in a tribute in honor of Markos Vamvakaris. Alongside this journey,composers, musicologists and artists from around the world highlight the musician’s important legacy in the 21st century.

  • Animators: Christidou Eleni - Panos TantisMAKE YOUR OWN SONGAn event with musical and rhythmic games, improvisations, dance andfree expression, in which the whole family can participate.Venue: Kardamili Square An event with musical and rhythmic games, improvisations, dance and free expression, in which the whole family can participate with the desire to all become a wonderful team together, to create "The Song", and then let's all sing it together while taking a walk in the city!This activity is based on Music in the Community and the principles of Music Therapy, in which music is used as a means of communication, play, expression and collaboration!

  • The cinema before the cinemaNarration: Agni StroumbouliOriginal music: Stavros ParginosFolk tales from Greece, China, Japan, Serbia and Africa, with voice andcello. Fairy tales for children but especially for adults, from 8+.Venue: Courtyard of the Old School of Kardamili

  • With his gestures and facial expressions alone, the mime Marcel Marceau captured audiences around the globe for decades. But the tragic background behind his or has remained hidden for a long time.

  • This documentary delves into the resonant universe of Montréal-based dancer, choreographer, and philosopher Zab Maboungou, of Franco-Congo lese origin.For over thirty years, the artist has galvanized the contemporary dance scene with her radically regrounded conception of time, the body, and the self.

  • Kardamili

    Screening of the exercise of the collective documentary about Κardamili by the seminar participants

  • Closing ceremony

  • Three Buster Keatons ilent films accompanied by live music. A music overflowing with liveliness, humor and unexpected sound “environments” to accompany Buster Keaton’s endless chases.Participating: Giorgos Pavlakos, with recorders, jewish harp and burboulithras, Stavros Tsotras with a bundle of wood, Ypapanti Alexandropoulou, with a mountain of percussion, whistles and burboulithras, Katerina Miliaresi, with another mountain ofpercussion, horns and burboulithras and Stathis Gyftakis, with piano, children’s xylophone and bubbles.